TheCN Tower! (2)

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! This is my place to write about something I love: travel. I started this blog on 2016, November, as an exercise to my English course (the main point was to practice our writing skills) and I decided to keep writing.

TheCN Tower! (3)

But this July (2017), I also decided to translate some of my old texts and start to give some of the new ones in Portuguese for you (mostly because my family keeps saying that I forbid them to read my text by writing them in English).

Usually I post my English texts on Thursdays, from now on I’ll try to post my Portuguese text on Tuesdays. It is a little bit difficult for me to keep the Portuguese texts updated because since I write in English, I have to translate them and sometimes I don’t push myself so hard on this. But It is my new goal.

Hope you like it. =)