Well, let’s get it started.

Rio 40 Graus, Toronto – Canada!

My name is Isabella and I’m Brazilian, actually. I was born on September, 27th, now I take Languages at College, I’m a teacher and probably back to writing.

I was born in the northeast part of Brazil and lived there my whole life. But last year my friend told me about a contest of our regional government: 200 students would apply a test to live three months abroad. What a chance, you know? Live abroad has always been a dream for me and from nowhere I had a chance to make it real.

I’ve started this as an exercise for my English course. I’m an exchange student, I’ve been in Toronto for almost three months now and my teacher (one of my favorites at all) suggested to us to write something to practice our English writing skills. He gave us the first step and, surprisingly, I really like doing it (well, not that surprisingly, since I used to write in Portuguese some years ago). Then, now, I intend to continue to write. For fun, for practicing purpose, somehow I like it.

Hope you like it too, and anything you want to know, feel free to ask.