Ok, but… where next?

Hi, guys! How are you? Hope everything is fine wherever you are!

First of all, I would like to apologize for my absence last week (I wasn’t in the mood of writing something, so I decided not to, hope you understand).

Today, with the idea of a huge friend of mine, I’m going to talk about 3 places (here in Brazil) that I want to go and I’ll explain my reasons.

  1. Florianópolis – Santa Catarina

Since I was a child, I always listened to my parents talk about Florianópolis (or Floripa, how we say it). Now I’m a grown up, I’m capable of choose my own destinations, I got very interested in this place. I mean, I loooove beaches and parties and every single site I visit or person I talk to about it, tells me how Floripa fits in what I’m looking for. I’m making a lot of research these days because I want it to be my next trip, but as I said before, I live on the Northeast part of my country, Florianopolis is on South, so tickets flight are super expensive, but I didn’t give up yet.

Every time I think of not going to there, I remember I’ve already been to Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná – the other two states that composes our South region, so it shows me that this goal is not impossible.

  1. Jericoacoara – Ceará

This one is for my inner explorer. This place is a natural beauty and its cristal water kills me, I love it so much. I’ve been trying to go there since last year, but the only way is by bus or by car and neither one of this is OK for me. Even though, I want to drive on highways, it scares me to death and buses are super dangerous these days. So, until now, I haven’t been there yet.

  1. Brasília – Distrito Federal

I have no idea why I want to go there, but every now and then I feel it. My friends that live there and people I know who have already been there always tell me that Brasilia isn’t a turistic city, my godmother says she saw everything in two days. Few years ago my friends went there for 10 days and sometimes they say they regret how much time (and money) they spent on it. But somehow I want to go there, who knows what my perspective will encounter?


So, people, this is my TOP 3 (or at least the first ones that crossed my mind), hope you’ve enjoyed it, let’s travel together? Hahahah

Hope to see you soon!


5 thoughts on “Ok, but… where next?

  1. Those hammocks in Ceará look unreal! The natural beauty is amazing, but I understand your hesitance about it. Hopefully one day you’ll visit all three!! I also love the idea of sitting down and writing about places you want to go 😀

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  2. Hey girlie! Location number two made my jaw drop and my mouth water, I think. It’s stunning! I always think of Brazil as either city or rainforest. What a varied landscape you all have. I hope you can make it to those places soon enough.

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