CN Tower

Hi, guys! How are you? Hope everything is fine wherever you are.

So, yesterday I was looking through my blog and I realized I’ve never talked about the CN Tower here. Yeah, THE CN Tower. The Toronto monument, the place every tourist wants to go, that huge thing that contributes to make my favorite skyline of all the times even more favorite (is that possible?). Well, I have a weird revelation to you: for me, it is better from the outside.

But before we start, let me give you the big picture of the situation. Toronto gives you a “touristic-passaport” called City Pass. The idea is fine: you buy the entrance for 5 main places paying less than you would pay if you’d choose to buy them separately, and you have to visit them in no more than 9 days.

But the point is that I’m not thaaat attracted to those places, they are always full of people and it’s a gift from the Gods if you can enjoy it fully, because they are made to be appreciated but sometimes we just look at it, but we don’t actually see it, you know what I mean? And this time wasn’t different. I tried to postpone the city pass so much that my friend and I only bought it around our last weeks back there.

I don’t know if I was overestimating the CN Tower view, but when I got there it just wasn’t what I was expecting – I honestly don’t know what I was expecting, but somehow I got disappointed. I remember when we got there, we walked around, I looked to my friend and we laugh ‘that’s it?’. I called by video to my mom and my siblings to show the place to them (since they were in Brazil at the time) and in no more than 10 minutes we saw everything (and showed to other people hahaha). I like to think that the vibe that day wasn’t the best, I remember I wasn’t feeling like going  there (I know you’re think ‘how does anyone do not feel like going to the CN Tower?’ but yeah), also it was very cloudy that day and our pictures didn’t capture what they should have. But, let’s be honest: inside or outside – which one looks better?










That’s all for now, hope to see you soon!


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