I’m grounded!

Hi, guys! How are you? Hope everything is fine wherever you are.

This month (July), typically, here in Brazil is one of our vacation months, but this year is my first one as a working person/while I’m also a student which means I WON’T HAVE VACATION. Almost all my friends and family are now on their spear time, they can rest and everything while I’m here studying for my finals.

But my main point here is: my friends and I have a serious problem when it comes to find a space in our schedule that fits for everybody. Meaning I almost never have company to travel and I always fight a huge battle with my mom because she doesn’t want let me travel alone. Ok, I really get her point, I’m a girl, it is dangerous, I have some limitations and for her, to see me leaving all alone must be scary. But, does it mean I will always have to wait for someone to do things with me? I really enjoy my own company but I rarely have time to be with myself.

Why do I have to have someone to travel with me? And, since I’m an adult now (??? I mean, I really didn’t see this coming…) I can’t just bail on things, leave everything and disappear (yeah, I know I can, but I don’t have the guts it takes to do it).

So how the hell am I going to see the world? I have a really cool boss, she is very supportive and understood me whenever I needed her, but I have a job, responsibilities, I have my graduation to finish, you know? I feel that, somehow, this is blocking me from the real world. When I travel, I feel myself living the life and learning things, I see myself doing things I would never do in my comfort zone, this bubble of being settle makes us lose so many things…

I’m really upset with it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll find a way out of it, but also I wanna hear what you have to say and your experiences. That’s all for now, hope to see you next week!



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