I’m back to the sofa giving a dose of what the future holds.

Hi guys! How are you? Hope everything is awesome wherever you are! So, do you remember I was trevaling on May? And that the reason why was a concert I’ve been waiting to go so much? Well, today I’ll to give you a little bit of this moment through my eyes (and heart).

It was May 22nd, 6pm, I was in our flat when the feeling came: Ed Sheeran is right here, on the same city as I am. I can’t believe this. I was there, back in Curitiba, while Ed fucking Sheeran was too. The freaking singer I’ve been in love for ages, the one I know every lyric to his songs. I was there, counting the hours for the concert when out of the blue I decided to go to the hotel people believed he was in. And that’s the way my fan-journey begun.

I requested an Uber and went. 6pm “the traffic must be awful”, “What the hell am I doing? It’s freezing out here”, “I should have stayed at the hotel” I thought. But no more than 15 min and I was there, in front of the hotel with lots of fans and before I even realized, I made a new friends, met an old (loved) one -for someone who thought that was going to be all alone, it was a pretty good night. We were singing and having so much fun the cold almost wasn’t a problem anymore. We stayed all night long and I arrived at home around 5 am.

The other day, the big one, the may-23rd-day-of-the-concert was here! I had to woke up at 7am because my friends planned to see some touristic places before the concert. Luckily, one of the monuments was right beside it, so the idea of checking how long the line was came, and thanks God because when I was going back, a friend I had made last night was there and she asked to join her on line, and so we did.

We spent hours talking, waiting for the gates to be opened. When it did, OH MY! When it did, it was the most random mixed feelings I ever had: joy, fear, proud, happiness, “I have to run to get a place on the first line” “omfg, I don’t know how to run, I’ll fall” “what if they think my ticket is fake?” “do I have my ID here?” “O.M.G. I’m here, I got it, it is happening, I just have to wait more 4 hours” and it looked like forever.

But when the light went down and he step onto the stage, all the paint on my feet, the hungry, everything disappeared. It was me, the crowd and Castle on the hill. It was just me and Ed Sheeran for the next 1 hour and 45 min (kind of hahaha). I, somehow, managed to get super close to the stage (and I didn’t fall while running to it). The set list was freaking perfect-awesome (although I would include I’m a Mess and I see fire and he could sing forever and it’d be ok for me), I was super excited, it rained on a sad song (who doesn’t like a cliché?), the song I was waiting the most was Dive and he played  it perfectly, it was like a dream, I promise. I had the experience I was looking for and more: the feeling that every sacrifice I made to be there worth it and that I would do it again and as happy as I did on the first time was fair enough.

So, that’s all for now guys. Hope you could get a little bit of my experience on my first international concert. Hope to see you all next week.


Every chance I have to use my Slytherin scarf, I take it!












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