Rock ‘a Burger!

Hi guys, how are you? Hope everything is awesome wherever you are!

Prepare yourselves to starve because I’m going to take you to an amazing place with a delicious hamburger and a super cold beer. Today, I wanna introduce you the Rock ‘a burger.

Rock ‘a burger @ Curitiba, Paraná | Brazil

Last month, lots of things I got to see in Curitiba I must thank to my cell phone. Why? Well, because I use a lot the Google Cards and it gave me some amazing advice. One of these was the Rock ‘a Burger. The place is located on the Trajano Reis Avenue with some others bars around. But this one particularly caught my attention when I was searching for recommendations online: almost 5 stars and really good compliments on their food. So I decided to go, since it was near where we were staying. And it was the best decision I took for that Sunday night.

The bar is owned by women and I think that’s where the decoration comes from: it has some pretty things in pink (like their refrigerator, as you can see in the picture) and all of its posts around the bar are from movies where women are the main character or something empowering women. I think this idea is spectacular.


But the best part, for me, was the food: the taste was amazing, it didn’t make us wait for so long and fries were also very good! Even though that day was like 12 Celsius degrees, the cold beer was very rewarding because that was the day I wasted on a shopping mall. The price is super fair and the music makes the place even cozier than it already is, you will listen to some rock/indie music, which I love so much.
(And also, as a young girl who has been an entrepreneur for a long time, the feeling of being supportive to this way of living -which, we all know, isn’t easy- made me so happy).
So, that’s my advice for today: The best hamburger in Curitiba you already know where to find it – Rock ‘a burger.

Hope you guys are enjoying my Curitiba combo and next week I’ll be back with more, hope to see you around! PS: I’m really sorry the pictures aren’t so good, I don’t know why, but I was very ashamed of taking them. 

Hi, this is me!

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