How a day lost in a mall taught me to always check the weather!

Hi, guys! How are you? Hope everything is going well wherever you are!

Keeping on my combo of Curitiba’s texts, today I wanna tell you how some things went really wrong and what I learned from it. I think I’ve achieved some level in my life I always think things happens for a reason, you may don’t understand why this exactly thing is happening right now but maybe in a few moments you will see how necessary it was to happen.

This was the first trip was in charge to take care of the schedule and it made me very anxious. I felt the pressure to make every little thing works, you know? But considering life isn’t fair, I had two big problems: the weather and misinformation. If you check last text, you’ll see my schedule for Curitiba: on Sunday we were supposed to go see the parks, but I really forgot to check the weather for that day and when we woke up the sky was so dark I thought it wasn’t morning yet and that was when we realized the day wasn’t very likely to change, so we agreed on change our plans and decided to go to the mall (not so sparkly as Robin).

It was a whole day in a city I haven’t been before wasted on a shopping mall (I mean, I do have shopping malls in my own city, I want to see what’s different!). But if things always happens for a reason, I think the reason for this one was to teach me to check every possibility before planning things. Later that day, when I was complaining to a friend about it, he gave me a very good tip: if you have to see places that depends on the weather, try to do it first, because if something happens, you still have the chance to rearrange your plans and make it, which wasn’t our case, our schedule was very tight, so we missed some parks, but I surely will apply it next time: opened places first! (Thanks, Diogo)

The other unpleasant thing that happened was caused by misinformation. On Monday we had chosen some places to visit, but when we arrived there they were all closed. I mean, I checked on the internet what was going to be opened and when, so I could plan according to it and when the time came, it wasn’t. It was very frustrating because it was one of the points I wanted to see the most (I even already had a subtitle for a picture I was planning. Damn, misinformation!!), but the good thing is that the uber driver suggested us to go to a park near there and since the day before we hadn’t had the chance to see it, we went. And thanks God we went! It was beautiful, amazing views and amazing vibe. I even did something I always thought I couldn’t do: ride a bike! And I also met a really cool Colombian girl there.

So, this is Parque Barigui, I only took these three pictures because we were low on battery, but I think they translate very well how beautiful the park is. Also, my friend Vinicius has a video of me riding the bike, which I intend to post soon.

(Jéssica: this picture reminds me of you)
@ Barigui Park – Curitiba | 2017
@ Barigui Park – Curitiba | 2017

So, that’s all for today, guys! Hope to see you all next week where I’ll bring more special things for you. Oh, hey guys, I created an Instagram account to my blog where I’ll try to post more pictures of what I saw, if you’d like to see it, it is @wanderlusting_isabella.



6 thoughts on “How a day lost in a mall taught me to always check the weather!”

  1. It’s no fun when things don’t go as planned! But sometimes, we have to go through things so that we don’t make the same mistakes again 🙂 You took some great pictures!

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