My schedule in Curitiba!

Hi guys, how are you? Hope everything is fine wherever you are!

Last text I mentioned I was preparing a combo with lots of things about my last trip (to Curitiba), right? And today my topic is organization. I’m a tiny beginner on the traveling field, I’m still testing things to see what’s good and useful and, obviously, making mistakes.

So, my plan for this trip was to create a very good schedule before arriving there, but considering my life is a complete mess right now (I take 8 subjects on University and have three different classes to teach plus my personal life) I had no time to create a real one. I thought everything was going to go out of my control and I wouldn’t be able to see places I heard so much about and got a lot of recommendations, but we arrived there on a Friday afternoon, it was something around 3p.m. and since we had nothing scheduled for that day, my friend Vinicius decided to rest. I tried too, but the feeling that I had nothing prepared didn’t leave me alone.

I’m really sorry my schedule is in Portuguese, but it is easy to understand: it starts on Saturday morning and goes on until Wednesday afternoon and each day is divided in Morning and afternoon.


Thanks to my habit of collecting maps (at the airport, I picked one with me), I open it up on the table and started to see places nearby our house, I was looking for things close enough, so we could do it first. My plan was to see what was close first and then start to go further, and so we did. Do you see? Every little pink sign is a touristic point and my house was where I’m point at, so it was very well-located (and the price was AMAZING), this fact helped us so much, you have no idea.


When I picked the place to stay I had no idea I was choosing the best place ever, so here’s my tip to you: be sure where your staying is – see if it’s well-located, I had lucky this time but we can’t always count on lucky. Almost every Uber we requested was no more than 20 reais IMG_20170520_112222984.jpg(which means something around $5 American Dollars), it was cheaper to use Uber than to use buses (and here I feel very ashamed because I really enjoy testing other cites’ public transportation), but this time I didn’t use, so I have no comments to write about, but I assure you some of the new bus stops are amazing, see for yourself. Even though I was dying to use it, I didn’t have the opportunity. The day we schedule to go the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) by bus, the driver said they only accept payment in a specific kind of card – the Curitiba’s students, from what I understood. So, anyhow, we had to use Uber one more time. And the fact that we used car so much made me pay more attention to the traffic and how it works: it is really cool. From what I got, the most important avenues/streets are one-way only, because it makes the traffic flows faster and it does works because on Monday evening I took an Uber at 6 o’clock and the traffic was way better than I expected. I also have to say congratulations on the cleaning aspect of the city, I’ve in some other places before that were so dirty I felt uncomfortable, but this one definitely isn’t on this list.

So, that’s how I organized my trip: with a map and my cell phone, kinda old school, right? How do you organize yours? I’d love to hear about it! Hope you guys have enjoyed my experience and I hope to see you next week!



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