Here’s why I say I lived Toronto. 

Hi guys, how are you? Hope everything is fine wherever you are.

Last year I spent three months in Toronto, proportioned by an amazing project created and developed by my city’s government – Cidadao do Mundo.

You may think 3 months can be nothing, ’cause it goes so fast you barely can’t see it, but my experience there was so complete, so extended that I really felt I lived the city itself. More than having a house there, I lived it. I mean, in Portuguese we have a huge difference¹ between live meaning you have a house and live when you fully experience something. Even the words are different (morar/viver), so if it doesn’t make sense to you, I blame languages (just kidding).

When I first got there, I was a small town girl, only I wasn’t living in a lonely world because people embraced me so quickly. I found a new home across the continent. A home with different tastes, smells, people, way of thinking, every single detail kept me under a spell. At the same time I felt everything was so new I also felt as all of it was fitting me like Cinderella’s crystal shoe.

The way I adapt was fantastic. In one week I already knew how to get to places what to do and things to see. 50% of me can say I lost my “tourist effect” too quick: I wasn’t as amazed by things as I was on my first day, I stopped taking lots of pictures too soon also, but the other half feels proud of my “living” thing, I knew where to buy daily stuff and where to go for a good cup of coffee or a super cold beer. I even dyed my hair (almost) by myself once, I had a routine – Leave your home at 8:29 a.m., you get the bus, leave after, you have to walk until the subway station.

And, on the same path I got used to things, I never stopped

Alynne, Bianca, me, Jóine and Maycon! I miss you guys ❤

looking for other ways to amaze me. Every day after school, my friends and I went out to see things or just hang out (some days we just ordered pizza at the food court near our school and wasted all the afternoon playing UNO or watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.). My hostmom was so used with me hitting home only by 11pm/ midnight that the day I got home 5pm she thought I was feeling bad.

I only feel this way when I go to Sao Paulo, few years ago I traveled by business at least once a year and the moment I landed, I felt like I was home. Everything back there (Toronto and Sao Paulo) made so much sense to me I didn’t have any trouble getting used to it. In fact, I miss it more than I thought I would (I think you can realize that by the frequency I talk about it hahahaha).

So, tha’s all for today! Sorry for being so late (the idea is to post every Thursday night) and hope to see you next week!

¹I only found out I could distinguish it because a teacher of mine told me about the preposition thing. Thank you so much, Lívia <3!


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