Point of reference.

Hi, guys! How are you? Hope you’re doing great!

Hey, isn’t it good when you turn into a point of reference? I mean, this last weekend my father and his girlfriend called me looking for some advice on how to organize a low-budget trip for them and my siblings. They have some experience on life, of course, but they looked for me to guide them on planning this. They were asking my opinion on prices and how long should the trip goes on, where book hotels or Airbnb. They have been traveling for years, but recognized I have a feeling for this and decided to ask for my help.

The plan was for me to teach them how to get cheaper tickets and look for a place to crash, but I couldn’t stay long, so only half of it the task got done. I taught them how to use my top-notch favorite of all the time app/site Skyscanner (which I intend to talk more later. It’s an awesome platform. If you don’t know it yet, you’re losing money on tickets) and I hope I can get to teach them how to choose spectacular places on Airbnb (Just for your information, my father and his girlfriend are young, but those brand-new techniques aren’t so usual for them as they are to me and people of my age, that’s why I was “introducing” them on this new world).

When you leave your mark and people remember you for that, you kinda get it like a reward for being yourself (take it as being remind by the kind of music you listen to, the sport the play or like to watch). When someone says they saw some travel tattoo and remined of me or when they want to share experiences and listen what you have to say (or even read what you’re willing to write about thank you, guys!), it’s good. Somehow I feel like being me and giving everyone who wants to listen a piece of my points of view is gratifying.

So, that’s all for now. Hope you’ve enjoyed and hope to see you all soon (also, I’d be glad if you shared your experiences with me)!


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