How my last trip totally failed.

Hi guys! How are you? Hope everything is fine wherever you are.

You probably already heard about the difference between being a traveler and a tourist, right? My family and I decided to apply this way of thinking last weekend, because it was Easter holiday and since everyone was free from obligations we decided to travel. But where? To our own city. (I was trying to decide if I was going to write or not about it, because it was a huge disaster, but I figured out every experience is worth to be shared, so here we go.)

My city (São Luis) is the capital of my state – Maranhão, on the northeast part of Brazil. But even so, it’s a small one, not so much to do, especially when you live here, but with tons of cultural and historical lessons to give.

Day 1 – Thursday.

According to our schedule, we were supposed to go to see the historical centre of our city. My godmother and I agreed to meet so we could go in one car only, but as soon as we got together, the sky got extremely black, like it was going to rain all afternoon. Because of that we decided to go to the movies instead. I (we, actually) think this was a huge mistake. We would never gone to the movies within a short-period trip. After this, my father suggested us to go to Pracinha da Lagoa – it’s a square with lots of people skating, running, playground for the kids, places to eat, very cozy and safe too. I totally recommend this place.

Day 2 – Friday.

On Friday we tried one more time to go to the historical centre, but can you believe that rained all day long again? The historical centre is an opened place, you can’t go there if it’s raining, so it was a big no, but fortunately later that day we figured something out: go out to eat pizza. A friend of mine once told me of this extremely well-decorated, cozy place, with amazing songs, I should add. My father also knew about it but never had the chance to visit, but the minute we suggested, everyone agreed. The place was amazing, I’ll post the pictures as soon as I get them, but just for you to imagine: the building is made by rocks, lights were moderated, good service, delicious pizza and fair price. It’s called La Pizzeria, also recommend, a totally must-go.

Day 3 – Saturday.

OK. At first, this day had everything to be a perfect one: we were heading to another city, next to ours, to get in a boat ride. With our food and beverages and tons of sunscreen lotion we arrived there. The idea was (is) to spend a day on the river, sailing. But the boat’s engine broke down right in the beginning. Yeah! We were drifting on the river. And this wasn’t the worse part. The worse part was when we realized that we would have to wait long hours to go back to land because the river dried. Yeah, it doesn’t stop to get worse. But luckily we had lots of kids (they just care about having enough space to run) and a huge “half-full glass” point of view (I realize now how optimistic we are), we had a great time. Not as great as we were expecting, but great enough.

Day 4 – Sunday.

This was a different Sunday, since it was the Easter one. I woke up and went to the supermarket with my godmother and my cousin to buy materials for cakes because later that day we were hosting an Easter party for all the family. We made cakes, my grandma made hot chocolate and sooner than we thought, we were eating the whole food and playing lots of card games! It was a great experience. In the end of the day, the holiday was pretty good.

Every day was an experience that showed me even when nothing goes according to the plan things still can be good, it still have good surprises and things to teach us and that’s the reason why I decided to share this failed experience with you. And also I wouldn’t mind if you share your bad experiences with me and tell me if you learned something from it.

That’s all for now, hope to see you soon, guys!


3 thoughts on “How my last trip totally failed.”

  1. I’ve got too many experiences of travelling that veered on a different course to the one that was intended, I’ve learnt to expect the unexpected and adapt, what else can you do 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Your break still sounds like it was fun and that is the main thing.

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