Mini Mundo 

Hi, guys! How are you? Hope everything is going well wherever you are!

So, it was December 2013 when I went to Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) with my grandma and two sisters of her. We went with a group of people of our state to enjoy 9 awesome days on the south of our country. You may be thinking what a juvenile girl would be doing with her grandma and aunties? I mean, at that time, they were on their 60s. Well, I’ll tell you: a lot. Really, this trip was really enjoyable and I learned so much about the culture, habits and history of this place.

Letf to the right: my aunties, the guy who guided us, me and my grandma.

But today I wanna tell you about a place that made me feel giant. I’m a 1,55m (5’1) person, so if I felt like a giant, this place must have some weird things going on, right? I’m talking here about the Mini Mundo. And it is exactly how it sounds.

Mini Mundo is a place where everything is undersized, meaning you can see a entire city on Lego size, you can see industries, railroads, for example. To be honest, the place is more attractive for kids, but if I’m going to be honest, I’ll have to say I had a lot of fun there. I could appreciate the work of these amazing artists, because it isn’t easy to construct things like that and enjoy all  the details of everything.

The place is full of things to entretain kids: giant bears and witches and even a house built like the Seven Dwarfs’ one, super cute!


Another thing I really enjoyed about this ride in particular was the neighborhood. Nearby you can see the Lago Negro (Dark Lake, in English), it’s surrounded by an amazing square with places to have a snack and drink something. And also, if you’re as lucky as I’m you may find some people playing instruments and singing all kinds of music. It’s really amazing what you can see there.

People say Gramado is famous because of its Easter, however it was Christmas when I went there, but I think both seasons are good to see the city. Also, don’t believe everything you hear, I heard people from there are very cold and distant from other people, but those one I met were so nice and cool. So if you ever find yourself there, please feel free to share the experience with me. I’d be glad to hear it!

 Hope to see you soon, guys!





3 thoughts on “Mini Mundo ”

  1. I had a chance to visit mini mundo when I was in Gramado, but my parents wanted to go there “really early” like 9am and I was an eleven years old lazy guy that used to hate waking up before lunch. Now I totally regret for losing so many places to visit and tasty hotel breakfasts.

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