Never give up on your dreams!

(Hey, just for you to know, this is more like a motivational post than a post talking about a specific trip.)

Hi, guys! How are you? Hope everything is fine wherever you are!
So, yesterday I was looking my pictures and I found some of me in Rio Grande do Sul, 2013. It was december and was wearing the only jacket for cold I had (and the only one I still have ’till today).

This is the picture:

2013, Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil.

I was in a parede the city of Gramado promotes every two years. There is dancing and singing focused on Christmas, the number of tourists this time of the year increases a lot there. But my point here is: This is me (not the Demi Lovato song), standing in a fake-soap made snow, pretending to be on real snow.

2016, Quebec City – Canada.

And, here, on the other side, it’s me again, 4 years later: ON REAL SNOW !!!! HAHAHAHA, in Quebec City – Canada. And for a matter of fact, I was there because of something I earned, something that was (is) the result of years of effort and dedication: my studies. And along with it the amazing opportunity I had. I mean, I always thought of going abroad, seeing the world and all those ‘wanderlusting’ things, but I never thought I could actually do this. (And now I just realized how shitty those pictures are hahahaha)

And having these two pics, side by side, just shows me:
1) how we have absolutely no idea about how our life is going to be;
2) never ever give up on your dreams, keep believing;

3) and, most important, keep work on your way to make it happen. Keep in mind that everything happens for a reason.

Basically, that’s my point for now. Have you ever had a plot twist in your life? I’d be glad to hear about it.


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