Hi guys, how are you? Hope everything is fine wherever you are!

Well, as you may know, this last month (February) we had our Carnival holiday, which means a few days when you can finally do whatever pleases you: party everyday, drink a lot, sleep, read, travel, netflix and chill, it’s all up to you. At first, I had nothing prepared for the holiday, but my dearest friend invited me to go with her and her family to a countryside trip. Camping at Barreirinhas. Barreirinhas is a natural monument really amazing here in my state. The plan was simple: we leave our city on Thursday night, arrive there around midnight and on Friday we go camping. But, life isn’t that simple, huh? We had quite an impediment that kept us away from the camping part, so long story short: we didn’t actually get to do it. (Yet, at least)

But even though, it was awesome. It was a trip with my friends (me and two more), we were going by bus and I had traveled by bus only once, 5 years ago, so I barely remembered how it was and well, it’s was a trip anyhow, which means anything could only make me more excited about it.

Since our schedule was messed up, we decided to go no longer on Thursday, but Friday, our bus was programmed to depart at 7p.m. but there was a little lateness. The road was full of cars and it made the traffic slower than usual, but we got there around 1 a.m., it’s not that far away from my city if you compare, you can go, have a nice day and go back on the same day.

The house we were going to was full of people, there were almost 20 people there so, no more rooms for us. Thanks God we had our camping stuff with us, because we had to set everything on the yard and slept there. It was a adventure for me because I’m all Sharpay-ish (from High School Musical) but those natural/adventurous things really pleases me.

I must add here that I felt super comfortable in my “house”, it was so cozy and it felt like it was mine, even though I had to be very careful with bugs and insects. And the size was fine too, they say it is suitable for two people, but it was just me and it was the perfect size. If you’re intending to share yours with someone else, you may find interesting to get a bigger one, as you can see, it fits a single airbed and my backpackes.

The first night was ok, I was very tired so I slept fine. I was a guest in a house where I knew almost no one, so it was kinda difficult to connect to everybody, but my advice here for you is: try to be as kind as possible, take care of your dishes, don’t let your clothing all around the place, remeber you’re not at your home.

Having said that, I can move to our next experience: we went to a place where the river is very calm and slow, but don’t be so confident: rivers can be tricky. I don’t know how to swim (yeah, shame on me), but fortunatly the father of my friend gave us some life jackets and I could feel free for a while. When people say that life is a school, they mean it. On my trips I always learn about the geography and history of the local where I am, and there wasn’t different. I saw in real-life subject I’ve seen during all my school life, like vegetation for instance.

And besides, I could learn how peculiar it is when you see people using things the nature offers to them in a good way, as I saw this old lady getting in to her boat to fish at the end of the afternoon or the other guy taking shower on the river. I mean, what I saw as a touristic point, they saw as daily things. One thing I really enjoyed of that day was the fireworks. My friend’s father set up some fireworks and since where we were didn’t have good eletricity system, it was very dark (just the moonlight), when the fireworks hit the sky, was really beautiful, very sparkling. On our way back to the house we had a little help out our lights and cellphones.


The next day, Sunday, we had rent a car to take as to the Esperança lake. The ride is exciting since the very beginning: the way you have to take just to get there is very trick, so the car jumps a lot, it can be very fun (and dangerous, it may causes you a little pain in the back later), be sure to keep your stuff very close to you and your face and arms inside the car if you don’t want to get scratches, but I asure you, it’s a blast.When you get there, there is more river for you. Again, be careful. You can also climb the dunes and see all around. Unfortunatly, the lakes with clear water are dry because now is the dry period of the year, so the clear water people seek so much aren’t here yet. They exist, but in their correct period, so if that’s what you’re looking for, be sure to come in the right season, so you don’t get disappointed. But the dunes are there the hole year, and the sight is so blessed. I mean, what you see is huge, pure, can refresh your energies. It is the third time I go there and I can’t get tired of it. Totally worth it. It’s amazing what you can see.

The Path!


The View!


I got lost in the Madison! ❤

Later that day we got back to the house we were in and started to pack our things so we could take the bus on the next day. Everything went out perfectly, the experience was amazing and I can’t wait to find out where I’ll be next. And soon, I hope.


So, that’s all for now, guys. Hope to see you soon!



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