I got lost in the Madison!

Hi, guys! How are you? Hope everything is fine wherever you are! As you all may have realized by now, The Madison is a special place for me and now I’m gonna try to explain the reason why.

As I said before, last year I went to Toronto, I lived there for three months and it definitely had a huge impact on me. When I first got there I was a minor, which means that I couldn’t drink or get in to parties. So I spent almost a month waiting until I was 19. When that happened I started going out at night, parties and drinks (finally) and one bar in especial caught my attention: The Madison. It was Thursday, October 6th, when a friend of mine invited me, he said he was going to this place and if I wanted to join, we should meet each other at the subway station that day, 9 o’clock. Why not? So, I went and as Brazilians, we both got late, no surprises.

I’m going to sound very cliche here, but pardon me, I’m just being honest: my first thought was that that place was taken out of a British-Sherlockian scenario. Why? Well, the booth, the decoration, the vibe, it all seemed very fancy (and old) to me, it looked like at any moment some British security-guy would break into the place and announce he was in a mission to rescue someone. (Does it even makes sense for you? Cause it makes to me).

The piano part!!

The fact is that atmosphere made me so comfortable (even though sometime at the beginning I got lost). The bar is set on a house, which means it has different ambiances: the bar itself, where people go to play and talk and drink. They also have the club part, where you (obviously) dance, they play more of pop, hip-hop, DJ stuff. And my favorite one: the piano part. This is the place where I used to go all my Thursday’s night for almost two months and I regret nothing! I don’t know if it was the place or the company, but I really enjoyed doing so. When we got there, the only thing that could take us away was the last song.

At first, it looks like a regular place where you just sit and talk, but it isn’t. As soon as the singer start his job, you get infected by the vibe of the place. Everybody is singing, dancing, cheering, clapping, it is just riddiculous not to join them, even if you don’t know the lyrics (c’mon, google it!). He plays typical karaoke songs: Queens, Mumford and Sons, Oasis, Kings of Leon, The Killers, but he also may surprises you with a random Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj (but, it’s awesome, I promise!).

But two songs that made an impression on me were Sweet Caroline and The Piano Man. The first time I heard both of them, they were new to me, but everybody was singing so passionately that it was impossible to let those musics split through my (ears) fingers so easily. It was like an anthem of The Madison. You go there and somehow you end up singing them, so don’t even try to fight against it, just grab your Molson Canadian and enjoy these good times, because they never seemed so good! (I wish I could share with you a video of me and my friends back there, but I can’t, so I leave you here with your imagination.)

So, that’s all for now, guys! Hope you could get a little bit of what Madison means to me I also hope to see you soon!


2 thoughts on “I got lost in the Madison!”

  1. This sounds just like my sort of place. Goodness I’d love to go! You had me at Sherlock Holmesian. And then had me more with everyone singing along. Btw, since you love traveling, you may like my other blog wanderingandroaming.wordpress.com. I just put my travel stuff there.

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