Let’s walk around the castle!

Hi, guys! How are you? Hope everything is doing great wherever you are!
Today I’m going to talk about something a little historical and too much touristic: the Ricardo Brennand’s Institute. This February completed 2 years since I’ve been there, in Recife, capital city of Pernambuco, a state located in the northeast part of Brazil.
Places like this always caught my attention, you can see history, you can see care, you can see passion. This one in particular made me feel like I got into Harry Potter’s, Narnia’s and Once Upon a Time’s scenarios all at the same time. With dozens of sculptures, hundreds of amazing paintings, lots of swords, I almost didn’t know where to look. Thanks God and my big amount of ‘I don’t give a damn if my family isn’t keeping up with me and staying behind’, I made through it and could see and capture (non-professionally, but good enough to make me feel proud of it) stunning things.

It is a castle in the middle of the city!

I could start describing the amazing place: it is a castle in the middle of the city, yes! You can count with four different places within it: the Gallery, the Art Gallery, the Library and the São João Castle. Each one of them with different aspects to show you. If you go to the Gallery, you can see national and international pieces of art. On the Art Gallery, you’ll be able to see a bit of the historical part of Brazil, for instance. If you decide to go to the Library, well, you’ll see tons of books, music sheets, architectural works and also some literature. And last, but not least, the São João Castle is where you can find all kinds of weapons and armor and decorative arts.

If you wish, you can take a cab to go from the front door to the castle door.

When I got there, I found out that (just) one day before, students could enter for free, so here is a tip: always be aware of discounts and advantages that touristc places may give to you, it is so good when you hear “oh, it’s free today”. Anyhow, the price was really fear because this experience made me feel like I was in so many different universes at the same time! I remember being texting with my friend when I saw a huge lion (made of wood), took a picture and sent to him with something like this “hey, loser, look here I’m now: Narnia!” and the more I got in to the castle, more absorbed I was because the things I could see were so rich, so well done, every single  detail, every curve, the weapons, the swords, the paitings, I could spend the rest of my day trying to explain and describe it all, but I think that you can get it only when you really feel it.

Here I could easily see myself on Harry Potter and the  Philosopher’s Stone, when they have to choose the correct key, so they can open the door and save the world!
Guys!!! This is amazing!

I think what caught my attention the most to this place is the fact that some of those pieces of arts he brought, himself, from trips he did all around the world. This fascinated me in so many levels! Well, I think I made my point here: if you ever see yourself in Recife, do me a favour and go to the Ricardo Brennand‘s Institute! It’s amazing, you’re definitely not going to regret. But I give you another piece of advice here: there is the section made of real-life figures, don’t go alone. I did this and the experience couldn’t be worse, I got so scared that I couldn’t even find the way out of there (true story).

So, that’s all for now. Hope to see you soon!



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