I traveled again, but this time through the music. 

Hi, guys! How are you? Hope everything is fine wherever you are. (Because here, it isn’t).

The CN Tower – Toronto, Canada. (Graaande menina CN Tower)

Well, there are certain songs that take me directly to Canada. I don’t know how those things work but every single time I listen to Don’t look back in anger, by Oasis, I’m there. The same happens to The piano man, jeez!…. Instantaneously I see myself one more time at The Madison, the three of us on our table, drinking our Molson Canadian. It makes me wonder if I’m ever going to have this feeling again. A feeling that, at the time, I didn’t recognize, I was only enjoying it. But now that I miss it I know how it was.

It was like having everything you could possibly want, being free, it was like being on my own, but it didn’t mean it wasn’t good. In fact, it meant totally the opposite, because it was awesome.

I hear the first notes of Rihanna’s Love on the brain and then here I am: going down on Donlands Avenue, coming back to Kathy’s house, late at night, but WHO (thefuck) CARES? It’s safe. I can walk around and sing and use my cellphone because I know I will get home ok even though I’m all by myself ~(don’t wanna be)~.

I listen to Broad-shouldered beasts, by Mumford and Sons, it just… Argh!! I feel like I’m on the subway again, going back to Kathy’s house on the last weeks of my exchange, when I realized it was walking to an end and I didn’t want to accept it. I can clearly see myself sitting on the last chairs of the bus 56 or the other one from the Broadview Station, which I didn’t have time enough to memorize the number. (Oh man, I cried so much on those buses!)
I listen to Too good, by Drake, and Madison again (I heard this song once there, but it was enough to make it remarkable). Same happens to Sweet Caroline, I mean, this is definitely a hit on that pub. I didn’t even know the lyrics but every time we went there, they used to sing this song, so I learned. All these things there I’ve done is another song that works in the same way.

I’m going to talk about The Madison later, oh… For sure I will. I just needed to take this feeling out of my chest and say some weird things that were crossing my mind.

If I was going to list every single music that reminds me of an specific moment and describe that momente, this wouls last forever. (And to be honest, I think I would enjoy doing it, but no.)

So, that’s all for now. Hope to see you soon!


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