It is all about money? 

Hey, guuuys! How are you today? Hope everything is awesome wherever you are!

So, today let’s talk about how travel doesn’t have to do only with money? It’s no secret that if you have some money, things eventually will get easier for you, right? But just because someone travels a lot, it doesn’t mean he/she is rich.

I, myself, don’t fit in this rule and I know plenty of people who have traveled a looot and are not rich.

First of all, people should stop linking trips to expensive hotel rooms and first classes flights. Of course there are people who can afford that but if you (as me) are not one of those people, it doesn’t should stop you from getting to know and see other places. Someone who likes traveling will enjoy it even though he/she has to sleep in a bed that isn’t so good and has to eat a small breakfast or if sometimes he/she has to carry all of his/hers things with them because the hostel room you rent doesn’t take care of your stuff, you know? It isn’t always a bed of roses.

Besides, other thing you can do is actually save your money. I mean, if you start saving R$1,00 per week (first week of the year), and then R$2,00 and then R$3,00 and continue to do this until the last week of the year, you will have over than R$1000,00 and here I assure you: you can have an amazing trip spending R$1000 or less, because today we have lots of alternative ways to travel and different types of accommodation (which I intend to talk soon).

So, here is my advice: travel. As much as you can, enjoy the different ways of doing things, try unusual foods, support local businesses, be aware of the free events of the city, talk to local people and you’ll have a great time.

And, that’s all, guys!



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