Happy 2017!

2016 was a hell of a year.

I got my driver’s license, I got almost in the middle of my graduation (which I never thought I would last so long, and which I’m going to quit now hehehe), I did my very first exchange (and here I must add: it was a government program. It was a looong way ’til we got where we should be and to be honest, sometimes I thought I wouldn’t pass the test, even though I had amazing teachers my whole life, but I did. And it was legend -wait for it- DARY!): CANADA!!! WOW! What an experience.

And now I came back to Brazil, I have the opportunity to work with something I like. Well, I’m going to be a little greedy here: I don’t want 2017 to be at least 10% of 2016 was, I want it to be 200% (at least) of what 2016 meant to me.
Happy new year, everyone! 🍾🎉



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